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Daltile Cascading Waters Shimmer Shore CSCDNGWTRS_CW40_1X4_RG

Cascading Waters

Shimmer Shore

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  • Colors Available
Daltile Cascading Waters Earth Tide CSCDNGWTRS_CW44_1X4_RG
Earth Tide
Daltile Cascading Waters Cerulean Swell CSCDNGWTRS_CW45_1X4_RG
Cerulean Swell
Daltile Cascading Waters Shimmer Shore CSCDNGWTRS_CW40_1X4_RG
Shimmer Shore
Daltile Cascading Waters Silver Surge CSCDNGWTRS_CW41_1X4_RG
Silver Surge
Daltile Cascading Waters Rain Water CSCDNGWTRS_CW42_1X4_RG
Rain Water
Daltile Cascading Waters Brook Crest CSCDNGWTRS_CW43_1X4_RG
Brook Crest

Product Attributes

CollectionCascading Waters
ColorShimmer Shore
ShapeRandom Straight Stacked
ApplicationResidential and commercial
DescriptionReplicate the beauty of shimmering waterfalls with this unique glass mosaic. This linear style mosaic introduces an element of random with varying widths that can be oriented vertically or horizontally. Neutral colors including blue.
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